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I know I was inactive for a few months but oh my did things change. What happened to my background, theme and layout on my blog? Where are my tagged links for easy navigation? What the heck happened and is there a way to fix it?

Its been months but I swear I’m not dead.

Does it ever amuse you when watching a show and they have tarot cards and the characters get upset by the death card? Just started fortune salon on NetflIx and I’m already laughing.

  1. rosebai21 said: Not in Cleveland, but just outside Columbus!

  2. wanderingartificer said: I don’t live there but check out the Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival. They have some killer irish music. It’s in July I believe

Awesome rosebai21, at least someone will be close by.

And thanks Ill have to check out the Irish cultural festival for sure sounds like something my husband would enjoy.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned this but we are moving to Cleveland next month. Anyone going to be in the area?

Random shots from my phone
Random shots from my phone
Random shots from my phone
Random shots from my phone
Random shots from my phone

Random shots from my phone

A message from Anonymous
How could your friend have died in February if the last post on their blog is dated as March 2nd?

She probably set up auto posts which she has been known to do. Had.

Really sad to find out that my friend suddenly died in February shortly after I talked to her last. I know ive been busy giving birth and then taking care of my daughter but it still makes me feel bad to just now be finding out. All because I wanted to talk to her and realIzed I hadn’t seen any fb or tumblr updates or messages.

We took many psychology classes together, started a book club when I lived in md. She was the first person I talked to when I decided to become pagan.

If you followed onetwistedpixie and have wondered why she hasn’t posted in awhile it’s because she took the next journey. I will miss her.

give me your thoughts on hunting?

While scrolling through my FB this morning waiting for my little man to get out of the shower, I saw a picture shared from a page..i think it was called “Love and Light” or some thing. Any ways…so the picture is of two hunters posing over a bear they had caught. in the back of them you see another bear in the shadows. and the picture has text talking about “KARMA!!!”

For some reason this bothered me. I guess the name of the page should have tipped me off but, not all pagans are schmooozy love and light only. I mean…we hunt. I would have been damn proud if my husband had landed a bear. You have any idea how much meat that is? it could have been split up between all three of our families and still fed us for some time.

Guess Im just tired of this presumption that hunters are bad/evil and don’t care about the environment, when that isn’t even close to true. In fact I feel like its living even closer in sync because you have to live in accordance with the natural rythems of nature. hunting seasons have cycles, and aren’t we as pagans (some of us not all obviously) all about the natural cycles of nature. I mean you aren’t going to go hunt deer when they are raising their babies or anything. otherwise there would be none left. 

We  are warriors too. maybe I’m just not on the right path, or I haven’t found where I fit. Any one else fond of hunting/fishing ect and find a way to incorporate it into your practice?